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It’s a beauty day here.

We get close to 100 inches of rain here per year so we’ve learned to appreciate the beautiful days when they arrive. This is SW Washington State only moments from the Pacific. Couldn’t ask for a more perfect place to live.

Made these bracelets last evening. Red Magnesite and Sodalite stones with lava beads. Definitely a customer favorite. Sodalite enhances mental performance; quietens an overactive mind and helps stabilize emotions. It encourages calmness. When placed on the third eye, Magnesite enhances imagery and visualization. It assists in producing an opening of the crown chakra. It also opens the heart chakra and stimulates heartfelt love.

The bracelets can be used with your favorite essential oil.

Red magnesite & black lava stretch bracelet.
Both available.
Sodalite & black lava stretch bracelet.
Both available.