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Having Family Nearby…

My son has moved in while he establishes himself back in the northwest. I hadn’t seen him in a little over two years. I’ve never found anything to ease the missing part of missing your child no matter their age. I remember his first time to summer camp. I was beside myself with worry. When the bus got back and he walked off the bus I realized that is was indeed a good decision to let him experience summer camp.

We are three siblings in my family and have lived apart forever it seems. Since my mom passed away a few years ago we are re-establishing ourselves as a family unit. My brother (younger) has moved to within a couple of hrs drive and now my son is actually here. All three of us love the Pacific Northwest. My brother & I are both close to the ocean. (It really is true that living near the ocean has many health benefits.) My sister has lived in Hawaii for very many years. I look forward to all of us gathering together.

There really is nothing like family.